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Sat-Finder Buscador de Satelites - Direc Tv - Amazonas

Sat-Finder Buscador de Satelites - Direc Tv -...

Features and specifications鈥 Direct TV - SKY - Dishnetwork - Free To Air System鈥 Easily find and AMC6 satellites, Amazonas, Hispasat, Estrela do Sul, ... Galaxy 28, SatMex, Telestar 12, etc.鈥 Use professional and hobbyist鈥 Compact and lightweight design鈥 Tone Audio High sensitivity鈥 Bandwidth: 950-2300MHz鈥 Input level:-25dBm to-75dBm鈥 Power supply: 13/18 VDC (supplied by the receiver)DescriptionThe cheapest way to tune a satellite. Fits any satellite. The unit has an analog needle meter and generates a tone that changes with the received signal strength. It feeds through the satellite receiver (No need battery). Using Satfinder1 .- Connect one end of coaxial cable in the back of the satellite receiver at the LNB IN connector and the other end to where it says SatFinder REC, then connect the LNB cable SatFinder the SatFinder has an entry and exit should not reverse these, only correctly connecting the SatFinder work.2 .- Turn on your satellite receiver, this is what provides power to the SatFinder. The SatFinder must strike a light.3 .- Adjust the knob until you hear a low sound. Once you move your antenna so (remember first loosen all the screws on the antenna) and the time to have a high level of sound in the SatFinder've found a satellite, you must now proceed to fine tune to get the best return possible must reduce the gain with the knob until you return to SatFinder have a lower sound, then move the antenna again but very slowly to find a better signal. The have to move both in elevation and azimuth (for the sides) to find a high level of sound. Repeat the process to reduce the gain of SatFinder with the knob and slowly move the antenna to make the most profit possible.4.-You must adjust all the screws from your antenna, SatFinder disconnect and connect the wire from the receiver directly to the LNB. Leer m谩s

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Recib铆 alertas de nuevos clasificados de Computaci贸n y Electr贸nica en C贸rdoba y los filtros aplicados en tu mail.